When you are facing charges that could rise to the level of felony, you are probably worried about what to do next. The outcome of felony charges include long-term prison sentences and steep fines that must be paid. When these charges stand the potential of rising to the level of a federal felony, you need a West Michigan felony lawyer who can provide you with the representation you need on both the state and federal level.

Hiring a Grand Rapids Felony Attorney

When you are facing felony charges, you need an attorney with a proven track record. There are a number of criminal charges that rise to the level of a felony which could result in both state and federal felony charges. Some of the charges a Grand Rapids felony attorney can help with include:

  • Drug charges – in many cases, transporting, manufacturing and distributing drugs could result in felony charges on both a state and federal level. Most of these are charged as felonies and could result in both serious fines and jail time. Drugs that fall into this category include cocaine, ecstasy and ecstasy.
  • White collar crimes – RICO cases, Internet crimes and identity theft crimes are often prosecuted on a federal level. This means having a West Michigan felony lawyer is imperative since the penalties are severe and could result in sentences that include serving time in a federal prison.
  • Computer crimes – in this day and age, there are more prosecutions than ever before for computer crimes. These often include crimes involving Internet child pornography, identity theft and Internet fraud.

Why hiring Attorney Geoffrey Upshaw makes sense

If you are facing felony charges or you are under investigation for a federal felony, you need immediate representation. Even if you are under investigation, you have the right to have an attorney to protect your rights and help you determine what questions you should answer and what documentation, if any, you should be providing.

You should never try to represent yourself, even if you are under investigation by a federal agency as one mistake could result in years in prison. You need an attorney who understands both state law and federal law. Attorney Geoffrey Upshaw has the skill and experience you need to defend yourself against all types of state and felony charges. In addition to working closely with you to determine what the circumstances are, I will also fight relentlessly for a reduction in charges, alternative sentencing and whenever possible, for complete dismissal of all charges against you.

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