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From DWI and larceny to violent crimes and embezzlement, attorney Geoffrey Upshaw has handled all types of state criminal defense cases. With over 14 years of litigation experience, he has successfully tried criminal cases and has experience in the appeals process. He fights to protect his client’s rights and freedom and puts the prosecution to its burden of proof.

Kazoo-PDGrand Rapids State Criminal Defense Attorney: Geoffrey Upshaw

Being charged with a crime is a serious matter, and there is much at stake. Consequences may include prison time, costly fines, loss of a job, tarnished reputation and more. Attorney Geoffrey Upshaw works closely with his clients during the entire criminal legal process, including arraignment, pre-trial, discovery, trial, post-trial and appeal. Even if you’re only a suspect of a crime, it’s in your best interest to give him a call. Likely, the police will want to interview you, and this Grand Rapids state criminal defense attorney will guide you on what and what not to say. It’s not uncommon for suspects to unwittingly incriminate themselves.

During the whole process, attorney Geoffrey Upshaw will be in close communications with the prosecution. If there are any plea bargains offered, he will let you whether or not it’s smart to take it. Attorney Geoffrey Upshaw does a full criminal investigation pre-trial and during discovery. This includes a crime scene investigation, evaluating DNA evidence, getting witness statements and attaining expert testimony when needed. He works tirelessly to develop the best criminal defense strategy. Charges may be eliminated or reduced.

West Michigan State Criminal Defense Lawyer

If for any reason the outcome of your criminal case is not favorable, attorney Geoffrey Upshaw will file an appeal. The appellate process is unique, and this attorney has in-depth knowledge on how to cite past cases, do legal research and develop a solid argument for the appellate judge. It takes a different skill set for the appellate process, and attorney Geoffrey Upshaw has it.

If you’re charged with a crime, turn to legal help from attorney Geoffrey Upshaw immediately. The quicker you do, the better. He takes his time to listen to your side and helps you navigate the complex criminal legal process.

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